cVEND Modular Kit

Card Readers for Vending Machines

One modular, flexible and powerful series for all machines

The components at a glance

Whether mounted on the device‘s surface, partially or fully integrated, cVEND plug gives you the ability to do what you need to do. It’s as simple as adapting the terminal to your application.

Das zertifizierte Terminal "cVEND plug TOPP" ohne PIN-Pad

cVEND plug

The TOPP-certified terminal without a PIN pad has DK approval, and TA 7.2 and DC POS 3.0 support cash register / machine interfaces for ZVT and optional MDB. cVEND plug is the foundation for terminal variations, is approved by several network operators and is certified according to PCI PTS 5.1 and EMV Levels 1 and 2. cVEND plug supports closed-loop and open-loop payment systems and mobile NFC wallets.

Full integration

Mount cVEND plug flush for near-invisible integration into your machine. The small module works behind the glass and plastic fronts of validators, table top machines or parking ticket machines, supporting a variety of payment methods.

Partial integration

Wherever the cVEND plug cannot be fully integrated into a machine with a glass or plastic front, it can be be partially integrated using a front housing. With an installation height of only 10 mm, the terminal can be integrated in a visually appealing way.

Surface mounting

Eliminate precise cutouts with a surface-mounted cVEND plug. This option only requires three holes for the connections and mounting. The 33 mm height of the distance frame enables the terminal to easily be mounted on a metal machine front.

cVEND EXT.VEND Vending Extension Board

The Vending extension board offers an MDB interface and digital input / output for relay control in fixed-price systems. Maintenance or communication with a cellular modem takes place via the integrated USB host interface.

cVEND plug SAM Extension Board

Designed for public transportation applications the cVEND SAM Extension Board offers high vibration resistance for buses and trains, ensuring safety and durability. Additional applications such as VDV-KA, ITSO, Cipurse or Mifare can be implemented with it. cVEND SAM offers four SAM sockets (ID000 format), with availability of an additional socket for μSD memory cards.

Front housing

With a height of only 10 mm, the front housing enables the terminal to be partially embedded. The robust design offers strong protection against vandalism, and simple assembly makes the housing durable indoors and outdoors for all types of machines.

Distance frame

With the weatherproof distance frame (IP65), cVEND plug can be mounted indoors and outdoors on any surface, including glass, plastic or metal. The only holes needed in the machine’s front are for attachment and to connect the cable. This makes the terminal ideal for retrofitting any machine. It‘s only 33 mm high, so it fits discreetly into the front of the machine.

Front sticker

The front sticker improves the user experience, offering additional information and protection against scratching. It can be customized or provided in FEIG‘s design, which includes logos for accepted bank and credit cards.

Pictures say more than words

Take 2 minutes to learn everything important about the cVEND Modular Kit. We will show you how easy and flexible it is to use.

cVEND plug makes contactless payment seccure and comfortable – for all machines.


Your advantages at a glance

The modular cVEND plug terminal family delivers contactless payment solutions for most applications.

The series has built-in flexibility, supporting different interfaces and applications, and it accepts bank, closed-loop, credit and debit cards. It has many interfaces and designs, and offers individual solutions for a variety of machine types.

Easy Installation


Easy Installation

The series can be installed flush-integrated, partially integrated or surface-mounted depending on your requirements.


Multible interfaces


Multible interfaces

The cVEND plug family supports the popular ZVT cash register protocol. An MDB or coin acceptor interface is available with an extension board.


Contactless payment


Contactless payment

The user experience is fast, touch-free and uncomplicated with bank, debit or credit cards, closed-loop cards or a mobile phone.


Different industries and applications - one solution

cVEND plug enables users to pay within seconds without looking for coins or entering a PIN.

It’s contactless, fast and secure. cVEND plug is widely accepted, and this one solution covers many applications. It is a universal terminal, and it is easy to install and use.


Users quickly buy a drink or snack without touching anything.

cVEND plug can be partially integrated into table top machines that don’t have enough space for EVA-compatible terminals. Surface-mounting is recommended for beverage dispensers. Fixed-price system integration is easy with extension boards.



cVEND plug makes vehicle access fast and touch-free.

Easily retrofit installed parking columns with cVEND plug. Surface mounting works well since cVEND is only 33 mm high, and the only holes needed are for the cable connection and to attach it to the device.


Public Transportation

Users pay for a bus or train ticket by card or smartphone.

No PIN is required, so it is completely contactless. Easily meet new touch-free measures with cVEND plug. Retrofitting takes only a few simple steps.

Self-service machines

cVEND plug replaces the cash register at the gas station or car wash.

The digital inputs and outputs on the terminal allow contactless payment even when the machine has no payment system connection. In this case, a relay activates and simulates a coin acceptor interface that transforms the device into a contactless payment point.


A large variety of terminals.

cVEND plug works with most machines.

Need to add an integrated display or a PIN pad? FEIG offers cVEND box / box+ and cVEND PIN terminals. Each device is constructed with the highest quality, reliability and security.

cVEND box/box+

Both terminals are ideal for contactless payment transactions at kiosk systems, vending machines and access barriers due to their robust plastic housing.

The EVA / EPS-compatible dimensions enable simple, partially-integrated installation. The cVEND box+ terminal is also equipped with a high-contrast OLED display.


The PIN pad terminal provides comfortable payment processing with no limit.

It offers many possibilities with its integrated NFC reader and a separate, secure hybrid card reader. It also provides the best possible security for your investment through its entire service life.

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